Together, we can plan a comprehensive legal strategy for your needs.




Generally, creators of a work get automatic copyright protection for their work.  However, this protection can be strengthened through registration.  Occasionally, others will disregard a creator's ownership of a copyright, leaving the creator to resort to litigation to protect their rights.  I can represent you in both regards.



A trademark or service mark is, quite simply, a mark that one uses to signify their goods or services.  An unregistered trademark is not generally afforded much protection unless it has garnered a certain degree of recognition.  Registration can help boost protection for your mark.  Similar to copyright, a trademark may be infringed upon, requiring litigation to protect the mark.  I can help you register your mark, formulate a plan to strengthen it, and litigate infringements.


TRade secret

Some aspects of a business are valuable because they are secret: customer lists, certain marketing information, formulas and recipes, techniques and processes, and other similar valuable information.  Trade secrets are not usually afforded the same protections as copyrights, patents, and trademarks.  You can increase protection for your trade secrets with non-disclosure and non-compete agreements.  I can help you formulate your legal strategy and litigate misappropriations of your secrets.


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Contracts are the tools by which business is done.  Licensing and and performance agreements are common art and entertainment contracts.  A fundamental part of forming a contract is negotiating the terms.  Unfortunately for many, the language of contracts can be quite confusing leaving some to be unsure about the actual terms they have agreed to. I can draft and review contracts and litigate disputed contracts.


Business organization

There are many ways to organize your business, such as a partnership or corporation.  Each type of organization has its own advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you want your business to operate.  I can advise you on which organization would work best for your business and how to establish your business.